4D Baby Scan

Generally, mums to be will usually have two baby scans throughout a normal pregnancy, although with the rapid advancement of today’s technology, it’s possible to see a much clearer picture of the baby’s growth inside the womb, by paying for an additional 4D baby scan, which offers a far clearer picture of your baby’s features than a regular scan.

Where as a normal 2D scan is created using ultrasound, which simply sees through your baby and creates a gray, grainy, flat image, a 4D baby scan combines ultrasound with sections of 2D images, to create a clear 3D image, allowing you to view the baby on the monitor in real-time (this adds the 4D dimension to your baby scan)

It’s recommended that you wait until you are between 26 weeks and 32 weeks pregnant before you attempt a 4D baby scan, otherwise if it’s any earlier than 26 weeks, your baby would not have developed enough fat, in order for you to clearly see the baby’s features and any later than 32 weeks, would mean the baby may have already moved into the correct birthing position, which would hide the baby’s main features, including the face.

The main reason behind the growing popularity of people requesting 4D baby scans, is the fact that they simply offer so much more detail than your average scan. The level of detail you experience will be determined by the baby’s position in the womb and you would usually be able to see the face, including features such as mouth eyes and nose.

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